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Size of families

The West sees a big problem in small families in the West, but the  world problem is in a population  explosion which is greater than can be sustained.

But there are religious and political groups which try for larger families for their adherents. Governments which offer bonuses and government support for children, no matter how many in a family, help the very people who have more children than they can care for, to have more.

By and large, children who come into care come from families which have more children than they can care for, but they have government support to have a large family.

The Australian government has a policy against asylum seekers, but it would be wiser and more compassionate to let asylum seekers to come with the proviso that they do not have large families, now or in the future /

The Australian Rights and Responsibilities for its citizens and its immigrants should include a clause that all have a right to two children per family with government support, but those who have more children than that must be able to support them by themselves.

The refugees from Africa to Europe seeking jobs, and the people daring the deserts of Arizona to reach the United States are part of the problem, with so many from large African and Middle-Eastern families.

Now that modern medicine and hygiene prevents high child mortality, large families in poor countries mainly survive, They can help parents by working as children but then as adults they seek to become parents too.

What can be done about political and religious pressures to have large families?

Why are there large families with unwanted children or teenagers who cannot get jobs even in Western countries?

China’s attempted solution was one-child families, but two-child families seem better than that.


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